1. Favorite female character?
2. Favorite male character?
3. What is one critizism you can think for kishi?
4. How far would you go to have your OTP become canon?
5. Do you have an anti-OTP?
6. Favorite Naruto movie?
7. When do you first remeber watching Naruto?
8. Which character reminds you of yourself the most?
9. Least favorite character?
10. Do you buy the volumes or do you just read them online?
11. Do you have any friends you fan girl/boy to about Naruto?
12. If you got to choose one character to come back to life for good who would it be and why?
13. Least favorite shipping fandom in Naruto?
14. Have you ever cospayed as a Naruto character? who?
15. Favoite Naruto fan fiction?
16. If you got one thing to say to kishi what would it be?
17. Favorite Naruto blogs?
18. Sexiest Naruto character?(include picture)
19. Favorite arc?
20. What are you going to do when the manga ends?

”So shut up about “destiny” and “inescapable fate”….You shouldn’t whine about such trivial stuff! Cause… unlike me… you’re not a “FAILURE.”

friend: i hate naruto
me: byaku-gone
sibling: it's so childish
me: sharin-gone
mom: you're too old for that
me: rinne-gone

Natalia: Natalia Vodianova in Christian Dior Fall 2006 haute couture; photographed by Michelangelo di Battista for Harper’s Bazaar UK, December 2010.


Childhood Lost by Justyna Neryng

"An on-going autobiographical project, self-portraits just in a different body. Exploring the nature of portraiture and memory. I am producing a series of portraits that evoke characters that populate this world we know as childhood. A court of character’s from myths and dreams. The images are aesthetically inspired by portraiture from the Golden Age of Dutch painting. By drawing on paintings as inspiration I am hoping to give a timeless feel to the final images. Key to the project is the painstaking styling and prop building, which I am using to evoke these different persona played out by my daughter."(via)